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I’m an Anglo-Asian-Aboriginal anarchist academic living in the intentional community of Moora Moora, on Wurundjeri Country, near Woo-rite (Healesville).

I awake with the sunrise to the sound of birds chirping and open my eyes to the rolling forested hills extending as far as sight stretches from atop my mountain home. I stoke the fire with wood from a sustainably-managed agroforestry plantation, giving thanks to the trees for the warmth they provide. I check the news on my interface, made from ethically-sourced materials, labour and supply chains; wirelessly powered by the solar atop the grassed dome of the Earthship where I live.

Giving thanks to the spirit ancestors, I eat a breakfast of food grown in the community permaculture farm. I notice the Boonsday Clock app (what used to be called the Doomsday clock) has ticked back to 1975, matching the atmospheric greenhouse gas levels of that year; due to immense bio-carbon capture efforts from kelp expanses to wetlands to forests, that continue to thrive the world over.

I greet humans, trees, animals and Country on my way to do some gardening with a dozen others. After lunch at the lodge (not my cluster’s turn to cook), I facilitate an Indigenous knowledges affinity group with both in-person participants and many more joining virtually from afar. Later today, I will take the autonomous electric-bus to experience a touring psychedelic art waystation, and stay overnight with my adult children in another community, in what used to be the city of Melbourne.

In the news, the global space co-operatives’ network has announced the successful landing of the first Mars mission! So many communities have contributed to this achievement, either directly through technical know-how or by donated necessities. In more Earth-bound news, the guild of plant communicationists have released new transcripts in their ongoing poetry-exchanges with forests across two continents.

Of course, as you know, due to the global radical re-localisation movement we are all now so much closer to each other, non-human life and the land; living as we do in largely self-sufficient small-scale participatory communities, interspersed and intermingled with regenerated bio-corridors. Thankfully, money, debt, private property and cities are things of the past, along with the institutions and nation-states that went with them. Politicians are also long gone, as are the governments they were part of. It is truly a wonder to live on a planet now brimming with the profound gift-giving, cooperation, communalism, egalitarianism and embodied kinship with all life, that has emerged in their wake.



Yin Paradies’ Vision


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