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I’m Meaghan and I respectfully live on Awabakal Land between the sea, the lake and the bush with my husband, children and community. I’m also deeply connected to Far North Queensland, East Arnhem Land, Alice Springs, Hunchy Pocket, Canberra and Melbourne. My life’s work is earth centred governance, mutually enhancing marketplaces and community wealth building. I am many things, but mostly… I am the woman I aspire to be, I am her now and I will be her someday in the future. My vision follows this idea that the essence of our future is with us now and has evolved from the best parts of ourselves now.

We are the future we aspire to be

Our collective life’s work is supporting an earth centred community where the community includes all living beings on the earth

We live in synergy with this whole earth community, respectfully receiving and giving back

We care for our personal and collective wellbeing 

What we can offer and what we need each day are met and valued through considerate exchanges

We strengthen and nourish our bodies to feel the best they can everyday 

We nurture our children to feel empowered to connect with the world and value what is most important

We cherish and enrich our relationships with our family, friends and wider communities

We live each day intentionally, meaningfully, passionately and reflectively

We see beauty in the world everyday

We honour pain and grief and struggle

We create moments of joy, fun, beauty, soul, connection, adventure, rituals

We persevere with our aspirations even when we are scared or fail

We are compassionate with ourselves and others as we continue to navigate our future

We welcome rest to refresh and rejuvenate our minds and bodies 

We dream of the past, the present and the emergent



Meaghan Burkett’s Vision


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