Kiran Kashyap’s Vision

Kiran Kashyap

A vision – our future is one in which our interconnectedness with one another and the rest of nature comes to underpin all our activities.

We no longer subscribe to the “cult of individualism” through rampant overconsumption in the name of success. Practices of sharing, mutual aid and repair are common, while a shorter work week and Universal Basic Income allow people to slow down and focus on what is important to them.

A global open source movement allows for knowledge sharing between diverse contexts which is crucial in fostering democratic and fair power relations. The Uluru Statement from the Heart was officially accepted, and the Aboriginal leadership is seen through the country.

The challenges of the climate crisis were only met after a period of neofascism – the effects became impossible to ignore. Grassroots movements and citizens were empowered by the support of government and business. Renewable energy production and carbon sequestration technologies have helped while reforestation has greatly aided in halting and reversing biodiversity loss.

While we don’t see ourselves as separate from nature, we have rekindled and reoriented our curious drive to understand our place in the cosmos. A blind techno-optimism has been upended by more pragmatic commons-based worldviews. We are all much more active in our local communities and in regenerating our local ecosystems.



Kiran Kashyap’s Vision


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