An invitation to imagine and experience the Futurenow.

We invite you to reflect and imagine your vision for the future. It could be expressed as a drawing, photo, painting, audio recording, video, a few short points or a longer written narrative.

There are four steps to follow to capture your vision: preparing, visioning, capturing, and sharing. If you choose, your vision will be published on the Futurenow website.

Listen to or read the instructions to get a good sense of the process, and then set aside some quiet time to experience it fully.

We hope that by sharing our visions we can inspire and work towards the future, now.


We have two, unique audio guides to lead your experience.

One is from musician, MC and facilitator Matt Wicking.

The other is from Sonia Randhawa, a former radio journalist.


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Including additional prompts for preparing and visioning if required

Step 1.

Prepare your space, collect the materials you need, then acknowledge the Country you are on and the ancestors who have come before you who have also lived on this land.

Stop for a few minutes to ask yourself:

  • What do you most love and cherish about our world right now?
  • What are you most scared of or worried about our world right now?

Step 2.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine you are waking up on a typical day in the world you want for yourself, your loved ones, your community.

Before you open your eyes, what do you hear, what do you feel, touch, smell? What do you see as you open your eyes? As you arise and start walking about the world what form does it take?

The best and highest hopes that you had for the future have all been realised. As you walk further into this new world, think about what a day in your ideal world will be like.

Step 3.
Capturing & developing your vision

To capture your vision, draw, write, speak, or do whatever feels most natural. The idea is to spend approximately 30 minutes getting your vision out. Don’t think too hard, just let it flow… Capture everything that you sense, see, hear, feel and smell.

Take some time to develop your vision. What stands out to you? What parts of your vision are you most excited by? What parts of your vision do you want to share? Invite us into this world.

Here are some different ways you may choose to develop your vision:
• Write a few dot points or a brief description (approx 50 words)
• Write a longer narrative piece (300-500 words)
• Make an audio or video recording (2-4 mins)
• Draw or paint your vision (with or without a written accompaniment)
• Take a photograph that describes your vision

Step 4.
Sharing your vision

Now that you have captured your vision, sit with it for a little bit of time, refine it. Once you are happy to have it shared on the Futurenow website send it through to

Don’t forget to include a photo of yourself; portrait not landscape or square works best, and at a minimum 600 pixels in height.

Please send via Wetransfer if large file.

Invite your friends

The more people who get to experience this, the better. We really hope you enjoyed the experience, can you think of other people you know, friends, colleagues, family, who might also enjoy it?

Interested in forming a group visioning experience?

We are working on releasing a guide to help groups do this as a shared experience, either virtual or in person. You might have a school, community, business, a bunch of friends, or any other kind of group in mind. Register your interest here and we’ll get back to you as soon as they’re ready.




We’d love to know how you found the experience, what you enjoyed, what you think we could improve upon.

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

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