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Twenty years from now the world is connected.

Connected in a way that enables flourishing of all life.

There is a deep understanding that everything in interconnected; that contributing to the health and vitality of the world is both a responsibility and a privilege.

That this contribution gives us belonging, joy and purpose.

It is a reawakening of our role on the planet.

A deep need and yearning to be part of a community, of a geographical place; a mountain, a river, a land, a history.

Technology, economy, government, education is all centred around enabling flourishing, supporting emotional intelligence and the finding of individual purpose within, and contributing to, the system. 

It is a fractal of governance, where each person has a sense of personal agency in how the whole is managed. 

Success is not measured in terms of material wealth, or power, but in terms of the ability to contribute to a thriving place.

To be the person in a place that is flourishing, that belongs; whether a doctor, cleaner, teacher, programmer, government official, entrepreneur or stay at home parent.

This is not utopia, there are still viruses, droughts, storms, variable climate, fires, cancer, depressions, anger and frustration.

Yet we navigate these issues with grace, emotional intelligence and agency.

Connected to a system that enables agility and constructive navigation through challenges, fostering adaptation and growth.

First nations people have shown us how to understand Country and build a reciprocal relationship.

Through their quiet, wry, exasperation they held us safe as we learnt over the last 20 years to take our place, together, participating in life fully.  



Dominique Hes’ Vision


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