Sonia Randhawa’s Vision I awake in the arms of one I love, in a room that is still dark. I was woken by birds starting to feel the changing air that signifies the approach of day. I leave the bed and move to a small space I have set aside for writing and spend some time before […]

Aimee Mehan’s Vision

Picture of Aimee Mehan

My name is Aimee, of Maitland, north of Newcastle, I’m a Gamillaroi-Irish Australian living on Wonnarua Country with a suburban permaculture and bush food garden, along with my partner Steve and red heeler Buddy. I’ve been a classical singer, public servant and now sustainability businesswoman. I learn from Traditional Custodians. In this coal valley by […]

Esther Lloyd’s Vision

Esther Lloyds Photo

My name is Esther, I was born on Boonwurrung country. These days the country I call home belongs to the Gunaikurnai people. The path I chose to walk is that of a science communicator; learner, teacher, and storyteller of all that was, is and could be. The world I see through my future eyes is […]

Matt Wicking’s Vision

Matt Wicking's Photo

I’m a settler musician and facilitator on Wurundjeri land. My family began arriving from Scotland and England in the 1830s, part of a wave of colonisation that continues today. I benefit from white supremacy, from patriarchy, from systemic injustice and I work to offset them. I live near Merri Creek and have recently learned that […]

Jess de Campo’s Vision

Jess de Campos Picture

I’m Jess. I live on Peramangk land in the Adelaide Hills with my partner, two daughters and clumsy labrador. I am a writer, teacher, researcher; lover of community and chocolate macadamias. It is spring, 2040 and I am 57. My feet are bare on the floor as I wait quietly for my coffee to bubble […]

Ronella Gomez’s Vision

Ronella's Picture

I’m Ronella, and I work in fair food systems. I share our little home and community on Woi Wurrung country with my husband and two young children. This is what I want to be able to say to them in 20 years. In the beginning I used to be unable to sleep at night So […]

Benson Saulo’s Vision

Picture of Benson Saulo

I’m Benson Igua Saulo. While I live in Melbourne, I am a descendant of the Wemba Wemba and Gunditjmara Aboriginal nations of Western Victoria, and the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea. In 2021, my family and I will be relocating to Houston, Texas as I have been appointed a Consul-General to the US, […]

Willow Berzin’s Vision

I’m a mother to a young son, and a designer creating new pathways for better ways of being and doing. I’m also one of the people behind building the Coalition of Everyone. My cultural heritage is a mix of Polish, Jewish, Latvian and Cornish. I wake up in early summer 2040, and first notice a […]