Dominique Hes’ Vision

Twenty years from now the world is connected. Connected in a way that enables flourishing of all life. There is a deep understanding that everything in interconnected; that contributing to the health and vitality of the world is both a responsibility and a privilege. That this contribution gives us belonging, joy and purpose. It is a […]

Claire Bowles’ Vision

I’m Claire – I’m a daughter, sister, mum and wife. I am a white English woman who was born in Yorkshire, grew up in Hong Kong, lived 5 years in Sicily and now calls Boonwurung land home in Beaumaris, Melbourne. I spend my time reconnecting with nature and seeking to bring consciousness to every act […]

Dr Anne Poelina’s Vision

I think of this ‘Dream’ or ‘Visioning’ from the perspective I am a Nyikina Warrwa Traditional Custodian from the Kimberley region of Australia.  When I introduce myself, I say ‘ngayoo yimardoowarra marnin’ which means I belong to the Mardoowarra, the mighty Fitzroy River. I am duty bound to protect the Mardoowarra’s right to live and […]

Felipe Viveros’ Vision

Photo of Felipe Viveros

I’m Felipe from Chile, now living in the southwest of England, an ancient and mythical land also known as Avalon. I’m an ecologist and artist with roots that extend to Wallmapu (South America) where most of my family still live, and overseas to Italy, Switzerland and Spain. I live with my son Tashi and some […]

PollyannaR’s Vision

I’m PollyannaR from the coal powered town of Morwell, Gippsland, which is Brayakaulung Gunaikurnai country. I am the seventh generation of my family to live here in Gippsland, I will not be birthing the eighth. I am an artist trying to help my community to flourish normally in times of uncertainty by focusing on what […]

Siddharth Vadasseri’s Vision

I’m Sid, from the South-Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, and reside on Boon Wurrung country. I’m a community builder and soon-to-be lawyer, and spent my childhood between India, South-East Asia and country Victoria. I devote a lot of my personal time to family and friends, learning and growing together with others in community. When I step […]

Sophie Nicolls’ Vision

I am a Kamilaroi woman, living on Wonnarua country on the outskirts of Singleton, in the Hunter Valley. I farm the land that my people have for thousands of years before me. Growing food for my family and my neighbours comes naturally to me, and it is something that I take great pride in. Twenty […]

Tim Hollo’s Vision

Tim Hollo's Picture

I’m an ecologist, a writer, a musician, and a father, living on Ngunnawal country, what we used to call Canberra, what we used to call the capital of what we used to call Australia. My European Jewish family was uprooted numerous times over the 20th century, and I grew up feeling connected to Russia, China, […]

Will Richardson’s Vision

Picture of Will Richardson

I’m from Yarraville, Victoria, which is Boonwurrung and Woi Wurrung country. I am Managing Partner of the Giant Leap Fund, an impact venture capital fund. My mum was born in Malaysia and my Dad in Australia — his family originally hails from England and Scotland. I live with my wife and love of my life, […]

Yin Paradies’ Vision

yin paradies photo

I’m an Anglo-Asian-Aboriginal anarchist academic living in the intentional community of Moora Moora, on Wurundjeri Country, near Woo-rite (Healesville). I awake with the sunrise to the sound of birds chirping and open my eyes to the rolling forested hills extending as far as sight stretches from atop my mountain home. I stoke the fire with […]