Kiran Kashyap’s Vision

A vision – our future is one in which our interconnectedness with one another and the rest of nature comes to underpin all our activities. We no longer subscribe to the “cult of individualism” through rampant overconsumption in the name of success. Practices of sharing, mutual aid and repair are common, while a shorter work […]

Anna Crabb’s Vision

We’re a nation of suburbanites. This thought passes through my mind as I shovel the concrete shards into the skip bin. These multiple layers of concrete tell the story of this country – the vital soil of the Wurundjeri people built upon by waves of migrants. The bin is set to be carted away, washed […]

Zaitun’s Vision

I am Zaitun, I am 11 years old in 2020. When I wake up in my vision of the future, I smell doggies and animals, greenery and fresh air: NOT polluted air. I feel my dog with me on my bed, I don’t live with anyone else, just my dogs and animals. I get up […]

Kate Mirams’ Vision

I am Kate Mirams. I am a dairy farmer with a passion for landscapes, nature and people, and I am currently learning how to rapidly improve soil health and how to sequester carbon into soil. I am the mother of 3 teenage boys, and together, with my husband we farm 300 acres of beautiful Macalister […]

Millie Rooney’s Vision

In the country of my dreams I have time. I have time to energetically leap to greet a friend, arms waving, limbs properly flexible because I don’t spend all day at a computer. I’ll have time to spontaneously say “Sure! Let’s go and dip our warm bodies into the cold ocean. Right now!”. I’ll have […]

Meaghan Burkett’s Vision

I’m Meaghan and I respectfully live on Awabakal Land between the sea, the lake and the bush with my husband, children and community. I’m also deeply connected to Far North Queensland, East Arnhem Land, Alice Springs, Hunchy Pocket, Canberra and Melbourne. My life’s work is earth centred governance, mutually enhancing marketplaces and community wealth building. […]

Kaj Löfgren’s Vision

I live in Newport in Melbourne with my wife and two young boys, on the lands of the Yalukit Willam people of Boon Wurrung Country that is part of the Greater Kulin Nation. My mother was born in Melbourne and my father was born in Sweden, from where I have inherited my name, a second […]

Dominique Hes’ Vision

Twenty years from now the world is connected. Connected in a way that enables flourishing of all life. There is a deep understanding that everything in interconnected; that contributing to the health and vitality of the world is both a responsibility and a privilege. That this contribution gives us belonging, joy and purpose. It is a […]